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My Projects

Here's what I've been up to, what I have been up to, and what I will be up to!

There's no real organization to these: it's a mish mash of scholarly stuff, passion projects, and design detours I've taken.

Any projects piquing your interest? Interact with the icons to keep exploring...



On May 11th, I was selected to present at the University of Toronto's annual Tech-Econference hosted by the Department of Economics. I had the opportunity to talk about my research and statistical analysis. Pretty cool, eh?

Article: Eating Disorders and Over-Exercising

I'm currently writing an article for Medical Herstory on the topic of women's bodies, how they are stigmatized, and the ways we can remove such stigma. To be published on Medium!

Guest on Business Night Out

I joined the very talented Carol Li on her podcast to talk all things business, career, university, and general advice. Listen to it wherever you get your podcasts.


Studio Studio

I joined as a contributor of a concept magazine (Studio Studio). They publish some nifty articles that you should totally check out.

The Predictors for Violent Crime in Canada

I wrote my first statistical analysis paper: The Socio-Economic Predictors of Violent Crime in Canada, 2000-2020: A Descriptive Analysis. I know, the title is long. In this project, I coded entirely in R and it was mind blowing (in both a good and a not good way).


Medical Herstory Podcast

I became a part of the publishing team on Medical Herstory, a volunteer not-for-profit eliminating sexism, shame, and stigma from health experiences through storytelling, medical education, and patient advocacy. Currently working on producing a podcast!

Sustainability in Fashion

The Rotman Commerce Fashion Group honored me with the sustainability in fashion award at their joint event hosted with the RCNPN.

- 2020

Short Film: Expectations

Expectations was written as a not-so-hyperbolized short that highlights the subtly damaging effects of societal pressures. It was a spontaneous project: with minimal storyboarding, one day of filming, and less than a week post-production. It was later screened and awarded at the Influence the Choice competiton and is still exhibited across the Issaquah School district.

Expectations (1).png
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