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Last weekend, while browsing the streets of my hometown in Seattle, I came across a boutique store: SUM.

SUMSTYLE is a modern fusion of clothing inspired by fashion from Seoul, LA, and New York City. Every piece in the showroom is unique and speaks to me as an Asian American.

Shopping at SUM is an intimate experience. Private shopping appointments are available where clients can receive personal styling advice.

The mix between South Asian and Western styles is clear -- from chic silhouettes and soft textures to bucket hats and colorful prints -- the garments are simultaneously elegant and bold. In particular, I enjoyed the daring coupling of colors like lime green with fuschia.

One thing I appreciate about SUMSTYLE is its equally diverse Menswear. The styles are consistent and demonstrate a similar versatility with clean-cut button-ups to paisley puffers. While each piece was different, the store was still cohesively designed.

So, if you ever find yourself in Seattle, I implore you to experience this boutique firsthand. If not, their website is here.

Check out their social media page here.

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