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Designer Highlight: ISSEY MIYAKE

It's time I wrote about one of my favorite designers: Issey Miyake. The Japanese fashion designer's claim to fame starts in Hiroshima during the second world war in 1938. The designer moved to Paris, working renowned ateliers by Givenchy and Laroche. Miyake's move to Europe and origin in Japan makes him known for bridging the gap between Western and Eastern fashion--with signature silhouettes and bold color palettes.

Each collection is a masterpiece--less of a show, and more so a performance. For instance, the SPRING-SUMMER 2020 collection, by new designer Satoshi Kondo, was appropriately titled A Sense of Joy and was a "modern iteration of the joy people find in wearing clothes".

The show was interactive, bold, and unprecedented. From models on skateboards to clothes levitating in the sky, it was a joyful show indeed.






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